Foundations Classes

A series of classes designed to equip young adults to live extraordinary lives.


Relationship FOundations

6-week Class
Begins March 4th @7:00pm

Learn how to date with purpose. Classes cover topics such as:

  • The most important relationship in your life

  • Being the right person first

  • Setting the right standards

  • The Do’s and Dont’s of Christian Dating

  • Dealing with Old Baggage

  • Faith vs Fear (Discerning God’s Voice)


Financial Foundations

Coming Spring 2019

Learn to do more than “just get by.” Prepare for a future of financial stability and security for you and your family. Topics will include:

  • Budgeting, Saving and investing

  • Generosity

  • How to buy a house

  • Excelling in your career

  • “Should I be thinking about retirement now?”

  • Multiple Streams of Income



Education Foundations

Coming Summer 2019

Learn how to be a lifetime learner, and pursue a higher level of education. Training will include:

  • Best study habits

  • Tools, tricks and tips of a Straight-A student

  • “What should I major in?”

  • College Application Assistance

  • Financial Aid application assistance

  • Scholarship application assistance



Ministry Foundations

Coming Fall 2019

Learn how to equip the body of Christ and become a builder of the church. Topics include:

  • The Five-Fold Ministry and its Role in the Church

  • Pastoring

  • Heart for the Inner-City

  • Recruiting and Building Ministry Teams

  • Vision Casting and Achieving Goals

  • “Greater things you will do” - training a successor